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New friends

Well, not really new — they are with us for a few months now. This post was long overdue but here we go.

The black and white male is Sutomir Stanisław (named after a friend). He was found near a garbage dump in a cage, someone just left him there. He’s the most curious one (well, he and Szafa) and has no survival instinct — goes everywhere, checks everything out.

The small black female is Szafa. She’s probably the smartest of the bunch.

The big black male is Zabrak (named after another friend of ours). He’s a bit… slow, not sure if that’s some mental condition or he’s just lazy.

The two albino twin females are Złomiarka and Kuklux. They are lab rats. They’re either blind or see very poorly, but that doesn’t stop them from being very active (and fast). They were pretty leery of humans at the beginning but now are very friendly.

~ by omeg on June 24, 2014.

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