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And another one…

Klocek passed away this Wednesday. He was the oldest of our bunch — over two years and nine months. Rat this old is an ancient one but still he was one of the luckiest, not really suffering any illness until the old age got to him. Now only Szatan remains from the original three (well, Klocek/Półklocek weren’t here from the start but still)…

We also have yet another new one: Sutek, a youngish male around the age of Zabrak. He’s of the black and white variety, reminds us of Szpadla… I really should get my camera going and make more pictures. Someone left him with a cage near a garbage dump, he was rescued and landed with us. He’s really friendly and totally tame, why would someone leave him just like that? He wasn’t accustomed to other rats but is now fully “assimilated”. Let’s hope he’ll be more happy here.

~ by omeg on September 20, 2013.


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