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Torment: Resurrection? Who would have thought…

Torment: Tides of Numenera

So inXile, the company behind a pretty successful Wasteland 2 kickstarter, a totally oldschool postapocalyptic cRPG, has launched a second kickstarter. I think you can guess which one. A new Torment game. I would have never thought something like that happens, not even a year ago, but I guess things like amazing success of Project Eternity has proven that people like their good old cRPGs.

We’re talking about Torment here though. The original is the best game for me, period. It’s widely regarded as the best cRPG ever. If you haven’t played it, do that. Now. If you have, read the original vision statement. I have mixed feelings for such an undertaking. Of course the original wasn’t perfect: the combat was mostly awful, you needed certain stats to get “the best game experience” and other minor things. But what if the new Torment won’t be on par with the original? Just the name itself holds so much weight for so many people. Now, the new Torment won’t be set in Planescape because of licensing issues. Numenera will be the new setting and it does sound like a good fit for a Torment’s spiritual successor. Dev team has a healthy dose of people who worked on the original. While Chris Avellone isn’t directly involved, he gave the project his thumbs up and I wouldn’t rule out his possible help later as a stretch goal. Colin McComb is the creative lead, he worked closely with Avellone on the original and contributed a lot to the core AD&D rulebooks. I’m cautiously optimistic.

The kickstarter itself is an astounding success already. They got their target amount in just a few hours. I believe it has also broken the record of fastest kickstarter to get one million dollars. Will it beat Project Eternity? I think there’s a fair chance. Now decide for yourself if you want to give them money (hint: you probably do) and go do that.

~ by omeg on March 10, 2013.


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