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Higgs boson most likely found

A proton-proton collision that may have produced Higgs boson. © CERN 2012

A proton-proton collision event that may have produced Higgs boson. © CERN 2012

According to the CERN conference today they finally found the Higgs boson. The results are still preliminary, but results from both Atlas and CMS detectors have confidence of 5 standard deviations needed for the “discovery” claim. It is still not official as there were some irregularities in the data observed and the analysis is ongoing. New boson was found, but it’s not yet sure if it’s the Higgs or not. The particle was found with methods tuned to catch the Standard Model Higgs, so it’s quite likely. Peter Higgs shed a tear or two at the end of the speech – must have been an incredible moment for him.

Press release.

~ by omeg on July 4, 2012.


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