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Gwen.Net – SFML renderer updated

SFML 2.0 RC came out recently and I finally found some time to update the Gwen.Net renderer to support it.

~ by omeg on May 9, 2012.

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10 Responses to “Gwen.Net – SFML renderer updated”

  1. I tried compiling Gwen.Renderer.SFML and It is failing because of RenderStates and Vertex not found.

    I am porting your code to Android and IOS using Mono for Android and MonoTouch and hit this error. Will you be interested in woroking with me to do this. Currently I have ported to Android using Mono for Android by rewriting your OpenTK renderer to use Triangles instead of Quad (Found examples in your older version) but it will be awesome if you can also help/collaborate in my venture to build a cross platform deployment and development framework.

    • Make sure you have the latest SFML.Net snapshot – its API was changed quite a lot in the latest builds.

      • I tried using the SFML.NET RC and it did not work because of m_Target.Draw cannot accept 5 params and I believe you are using a snapshot which will not have any dlls and have to be compiled to dll. Any way since my interest is only in OpenTK which is working in android, i will defer the SFML. I have just started to port the code Mono for Android and it is working without the Texturer and Text and will update you once i get the full thing working with your unit tests.

        Anyway thanks for the great work

  2. http://code.google.com/p/gwen-dotnet/issues/detail?id=25 and http://code.google.com/p/gwen-dotnet/issues/detail?id=27 SFML is broken

  3. do you have a working sfml example with everything up to date? I’ve been trying for the past few hours or so to get the Gwen.Sample.SFML project to work unsuccessfuly.

    • I see there were some breaking changes again. I’ll post an update shortly.

      • Thanks, I’ve gotten it working now. One thing to note though, in in SFML.cs in the SFML renderer project, I had to change:
        m_Target.Draw(m_VertexCache, 0, m_CacheSize, PrimitiveType.Quads, m_RenderState);

        m_Target.Draw(m_VertexCache, PrimitiveType.Quads, m_RenderState);

        I’m not sure if that is how it should be, but it does compile and work for me.

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