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December is a quiet month (as November was, mostly). I took a break from coding to “reset my mind”. Our rat family has grown temporarily, we had 17 beasts for one day, but that’s all temporary. Still only 4 of them are ours. I’ve been playing Skyrim, The Binding of Isaac and recently, Terraria with the new 1.1 update. After some fooling around with friends in multi-player, I started a single player playthrough with hardcore character. That means, if he dies – it’s over. It reminds me of roguelikes in that every move can be your last if you’re not careful. I already buried two characters – one died from falling damage in a corrupted chasm, the other was burned to a crisp by lava thanks to my lack of attention. We’ll see if the next one succeeds in at least activating the hard mode. It’s a very fun game, highly recommended. I also bought the new Dungeons of Dredmor DLC/expansion Realm of the Diggle Gods and will give it a shot soon. Dungeons of Dredmor is an indie graphical roguelike with insane sense of humor, containing skills like Fleshsmithing, Mathemagic, Necronomiconomics or Emomancy. It’s a great entry to the roguelike world if you haven’t play any yet.

That’s it for now, happy holidays everyone!

~ by omeg on December 22, 2011.


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