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Training, rats and other stuff

Last week was pretty exhausting. I was at a boring (but supposedly necessary) training, the place was far from my apartment and I felt like crap for the whole week. Also we’ve got one more rat, Sznurówka (in addition to the current three sisters: Szufla, Szpadla and Szatan), which was in a pretty bad shape and needed a lot of care to recover. All is well now though and soon we’ll attempt to join the lot together. Szufla, the most brave of all, has been through her own ordeal before: a mammary tumor developed on her in just a few hours. She underwent a surgery and a week in isolation, but is now back to full health. Rats are amazing.

As for coding, I’ve decided to “renovate” and enhance one of my older projects – PuTTY Recorder. I’ve written it few years ago to record “console movies” of me and other people playing ADoM on the public SSH server. It could use code cleanup and some UI enhancements though. I’ll release sources once I’m done with it.

I’ve also played Uplink again. It’s a great little game, described as a “simulator of the cinematic depiction of computer hacking” by Wikipedia. This time I managed to complete the story mission arc. If you like(d) the game, I’d also recommend reading this nice piece of fan fiction.

And some rat pictures:

PS. Translation of the names (don’t ask :D)
Szufla – Shovel
Szpadla – Spade
Szatan – Satan
Sznurówka – Shoelace

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