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Dancing with exceptions [OpenRCE import]

During development of my unfinished crackme I encountered several interesting discrepancies in exception handling on various OS/vm configurations.

First of them caused my 32-bit code to run fine on 32-bit XP but crash on 64-bit XP. It was caused by difference in behavior of (Rtl)RaiseException: on 32-bit XP it captured full thread context, but on 64-bit XP it didn’t – debug registers were missing. And that caused problems, because I wanted to play with DRs in my SEH. 😉

Second “trick” is behavior of system exception dispatcher regarding DR6 and its status bits. Intel docs say that CPU itself never clears these bits after a hardware breakpoint occurs. 32-bit Windows clears them though, but it also depends whether OS is running in a VM or not…

Third glitch is similar to the old “prefetch queue” tricks. I didn’t have time to investigate it much – maybe its mechanism is completely different, but it surely looks familiar. Let’s say we execute UD2 instruction or cause exception in some other way. Then, in SEH handler, we set hardware breakpoint on instruction immediately following the one that caused exception. What will happen after return from SEH? It depends… On some systems bpx will be triggered, on some not… Adding single NOP between exception trigger and bpx target will ensure that bpx always hits.

Following table contains results of my experiments in various environments. Numbers after OS name indicate whether it’s 32 or 64-bit version, number after slash means that it’s running in VMware server on XP 32 or 64-bit host.

2k 32 = 32-bit 2k on real machine
xp 32/64 = 32-bit XP inside VM hosted on 64-bit XP

Most OSes were fully updated.

dr6 column shows whether OS clears DR6 status bits after hardware breakpoint hits.
context column shows whether (Rtl)RaiseException captures full CPU context or misses debug registers.
prefetch column shows the last test – whether the tricky breakpoint gets hit without “padding” nop or not.

 os           dr6       context  prefetch
 2k    32     clear     full     ?
 2k    32/32  preserve  full     hit
 2k    32/64  clear     full     hit
 xp    32     clear     full     hit
 xp    32/32  preserve  full     hit
 xp    32/64  preserve  full     hit
 xp    64     clear     partial  miss
 2k3   32     clear     partial  ?
 2k3   32/32  preserve  partial  miss
 2k3   32/64  preserve  partial  miss
 vista 32     clear     partial  ?
 vista 32/64  preserve  full     hit
 vista 64/64  clear     full?    hit

vista 64/64: In “context capturing” test I’ve got different results today than some time ago. Not sure what caused the difference – earlier test being run on pre-release build, maybe some updates…

FASM code for all examples

~ by omeg on July 30, 2007.

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